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Schools in Durban North: Northlands Primary SchoolOne of the most well-known schools in Durban North, did you know that Northlands Primary School was originally opened on 9 February 1949 as an annex to Durban North Government School? Although the school is now situated in Gleneagles Drive, the site was originally an army site in Kensington Drive.

By October of that year the school became a separate entity known as Kensington Drive Junior Government School. It started out with only 96 learners being taught in pre-fabs and 3 staff members. By the following year, numbers had increased to 155 learners and 2 new teachers were appointed.

By 1951 it was decided that permanent buildings would be erected and the original buildings would become changing rooms for the boy’s high school which was about to be started on the site, while the primary school would be moved to Mackeurton Avenue.

Due to the housing development in Virginia Estate in Durban North, the number of pupils had increased to 289 and by 1952 the school could no longer accommodate any more students. Even the staff room and headmaster’s office were being used as classrooms.

While Northlands Boy’s High School opened its doors in 1953, it was only in 1956 that the new primary school was completed with the name then being changed to Northlands Primary School.

In 1963, the school moved premises once again to what was previously Beachwood High School and became a senior primary school until 1992.

Today, as one of the older schools in the Durban North area, the staff are committed to the highest levels of excellence in both learning and coaching while striving to reach the needs of all of their students.

This includes technology and learners are introduced to computers in pre-school with access to the computer room. Senior primary school learners have access to a separate computer room with 30 computers and an IT teacher, as well as the benefit of a Computer Club.

Another way this school strives for excellence is through their numerous cultural activities. They produce an annual concert or musical and learners have the opportunity to join their debating club, choirs, chess groups and art club, amongst others, to ensure pupils not only develop their talents but also learn to enjoy various social and cultural activities.

Schools in Durban North: Northlands Primary SchoolFor more information on one of the finest schools in Durban North, call (031) 564 2369 or send an e-mail to You can also click here to visit the Northlands Primary School website directly…

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